Considerations for Admission Criteria at FaithfulHearts Equine Learning Center

FaithfulHearts Equine Learning Center offers the following

All individuals desiring participation in activities or services offered at FaithfulHearts Equine Learning Center are required to fill out an application, a health history form and possibly provide a physician’s statement. FaithfulHearts will consider all individuals who are at least 4 years of age* and older without discrimination of race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, income status, creed, ancestry, marital status, gender, physical disability, veteran’s status, political service or affiliation, color, religion, or national origin. FaithfulHearts makes every effort to provide safe, quality, affordable services to individuals of all abilities. The decision to allow individuals to participate in any of the above-named services or activities will be determined by an intake evaluation performed by FaithfulHearts’ equine director, manager and consulting physicians, mental health professional or therapists. Decisions to allow participation will be made based on physical/mental health criteria as listed on the application, safety, current availability, type and quality of the equines present at the facility, current staffing and volunteer availability, training and qualifications of the current staff and volunteers and equipment availability.

Factors that may disqualify individuals for participation:

Physical/psychological/medical conditions that are contraindicated for equine assisted services as determined by the current PATH International Standards Manual.

  • Individuals with a history of animal abuse or fire starting.
  • Individuals whose body weight exceeds the limit for the available equines.
  • Individuals whose condition or special need requires specialized equipment or specially trained staff that this facility does not currently have access to, or lacks staff that is properly trained to operate the equipment.
  • Individuals whose behavior poses undue risks for equines, staff and/or volunteers

FaithfulHearts Equine Learning Center will make every effort that is possible to offer reasonable accommodations to allow access to the facility for participation in activities or services. In addition, FaithfulHearts will work with qualifying individuals to safely modify tack and equipment
to accommodate specific needs that would allow an individual to safely participate in activities or services. Alternative activities or services will also be offered to individuals where safety is a concern, for example if mounted horseback riding is contraindicated to an individual, ground work activities can be offered as an alternative.

  • *Children who are under 4-years of age must have a physical therapist present during their sessions who is certified with the American Hippotherapy Association for participation in mounted activities.
  • *Children between the ages of 4-6 must have a specific diagnosis, IEP or referral from another professional source to be eligible for participation in Equine Assisted Activities.

Dismissal Policy for FaithfulHearts Equine Learning Center

FaithfulHearts staff and board of directors retains the sole discretion to determine if the program
no longer meets the needs of the client, due to safety concerns, failure to remain in compliance
within PATH industry standards or other issues outlined below:

  • Failure to pay for or arrange payment for services provided within 30 days past the invoice date
  • More than 3 no shows for your regularly scheduled time spot (each missed appointment will be billed as a regular lesson)
  • Failure to sign and agree to all FaithfulHearts Equine Learning Center Policies, liability waivers, and Safety Guidelines
  • Failure to abide by FaithfulHearts safety policies and confidentiality policies on a regular basis
  • A change in medical history to include physical conditions, mental health, surgical procedures.
  • Center Staff and Board of Directors will evaluate each year or with each update in medical history to determine if FaithfulHearts can continue to offer services within PATH Intl Standards, current staff, and equines available at the facility
  • ANY actions, abuse, explicit or abusive language or otherwise inappropriate behaviors towards staff, volunteers, clients and equines will not be tolerated and will be grounds for dismissal from the program
  • All decisions will be made by the staff and Board of Directors after careful review of the reports and documentation of incidents.

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